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Training Business

Dec 29, 2022

Do you really know what critical thinking is? How can you apply it to your business and what barriers to critical thinking might you come across?

Becki Saltzman is the Founder and Chief Curiosity Seeker at Applied Curiosity Lab and the host of the Good Thinking Show.

Today she is going to tell you what some of the...

Dec 22, 2022

Not all keynote speakers do a good job of using their skills to generate more leads, so how can you make sure you do?

Diana Chan is a dynamic professional Speaker, Trainer, and Executive Career Coach at My Marketability.

Today she is going to tell you why you need to consider your personal branding in all aspects of...

Dec 15, 2022

Do you dream of setting up your own consulting firm, but aren't sure where to start?? 

Today Andy Cope tells you how he left his career in academia and set up his now successful training business .

Andy is a sought-after keynote speaker and authority on employee engagement, wellbeing and human flourishing. He’s done...

Dec 8, 2022

How does your team manage their time? Are they really productive??

Today Dave Crenshaw gives you insight into the time management strategies he uses in his training.

Dave is the master of building productive leaders and has appeared in Time magazine, USA Today, FastCompany, and the BBC News.

He is the founder and CEO of...

Dec 1, 2022

Today Alexia Vernon tells you how she developed her own certification programme and why they are beneficial for businesses.

Alexia is a transformational speaking and women’s leadership expert, coach and author of the award-winning book Step into Your Moxie

She is also the founder and president of the Step into...