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Training Business

Dec 22, 2022

Not all keynote speakers do a good job of using their skills to generate more leads, so how can you make sure you do?

Diana Chan is a dynamic professional Speaker, Trainer, and Executive Career Coach at My Marketability.

Today she is going to tell you why you need to consider your personal branding in all aspects of your business and how this can help keynote speakers generate more leads.

Diana is a personal branding, communications, and networking expert, where she’s known for differentiating your personal brand, building strong relationships, and communicating with confidence.

Diana's mission is to empower you to own your greatness with the confidence to shine and thrive in your career.

She’s been recognized as LinkedIn's Top Voice in 2022 for Careers & Job Search and the Top Career & Job Search Expert to follow on LinkedIn in 2019 & 2020. She’s been featured in Forbes, LinkedIn, HuffPost, JobScan, Globe & Mail, and many podcasts.


In this week’s episode you’ll learn:

How to really know your audience

Ways to differentiate your unique value

How to establish your authority and credibility


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