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Training Business

Aug 31, 2023

Once you understand cognitive learning it can revolutionise how you deliver your training.

This is something my guest, Janell Blunt, Associate Professor at Anderson University knows all about.

Dr. Janell R. Blunt is a cognitive scientist with over 10 years of experience conducting research on how people learn. Her work...

Aug 24, 2023

Have you heard of Butter? Not the kind you spread on bread...this Butter is a fantastic facilitation tool that enhances your virtual training and makes your training fun, engaging, and memorable.

💥 Want to know more how you can make your training stand out of the crowd and really engage with your clients? 

💥 My...

Aug 17, 2023

🌟 Looking for some serious learning insights into how to craft impactful coaching programs and forge strong corporate partnerships?
Then you'll want to join me for an enlightening episode with Alessandra Wall, founder of Noteworthy.
Discover how Alessandra's strategic vision shapes the future of Noteworthy and...

Aug 10, 2023

Ever wondered how to make sure you're catering for all learning types so ALL attendees get the best out of your training courses?

My guest this week is Samantha Calamari, Senior Learning Experience Designer, Inclusion at Microsoft.

In this episode Samantha shares her experience in and thoughts on the benefits of...

Aug 3, 2023

Do you offer guarantees to your clients?

Imagine boosting trust, credibility, and standing out from your competitors - just by offering a guarantee.

Offering guarantees is one way of giving your clients the feeling that you’re willing to stand over results.

In this week's episode, we're diving headfirst into the world...