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Training Business

Dec 29, 2022

Do you really know what critical thinking is? How can you apply it to your business and what barriers to critical thinking might you come across?

Becki Saltzman is the Founder and Chief Curiosity Seeker at Applied Curiosity Lab and the host of the Good Thinking Show.

Today she is going to tell you what some of the barriers to critical thinking are and how you can overcome them.

Becki is an international speaker and best-selling author/content creator/online learning instructor (LinkedIn Learning). She has helped organizations around-the-globe and millions of leaders turn the art and science of applied curiosity and critical thinking into optimized decision-making.


In this week’s episode you’ll learn:

  • How you can avoid the most dangerous critical-thinking killers
  • How you can use a referee to know when to trust your intuition
  • Ways to develop your intellectual courage

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