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Training Business

May 11, 2023

What is the value for relationship building using Transactional Analysis? 🤨

And when it comes to Transactional Analysis in business, what do we actually mean? 🤔

My guest this week, Clive Vanderwagen, is the Director of ReadyPeople . He is also a well-regarded speaker, team dynamics facilitator, trainer, and coach.

ReadyPeople works with people to be better in their interactions with other people (especially in businesses), to challenge mindsets, and to set intentions in people's careers and personal life. 🎉


In this week’s episode you’ll learn the following, and more:

🤝  How TA can help you with relationships

🤝  Where you can use transactional analysis in coaching and training

🤝  How you can certify in Transactional Analysis


➡️ Transactional Analysis is the key in creating value for relationship building!

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