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Training Business

Dec 3, 2020

Today’s story is different. Why?

Many people I have on the show are running a small #training business.

Some guests I have had run a multi-person training business

I’m thinking of past guests including:

JoEllen Grzyb of Impact Factory
Grant Cardone of Cardone University
Nick Smallman of Working Voices ..and many more

But it’s wonderful to chat to two people who are in between

Transitioning from a small team to a multi-person blended-learning business earning 10s of millions in revenue annually.

My guests today are Russell Watkins and Stephanie Watkins of Sempai

Steph and Russell are a couple in the UK who are taking their 3-person #LEANconsultancy brand, transforming it and scaling it into a multi-million pound #digital training business.

We’re going to talk about:

What their brand means
Who needs what they do
What they see as a massive market opportunity

So if want to hear a great story of exactly why and how 2 people are scaling up their training #business - then you’re really going to enjoy this!

Check out the episode now! (link in comments)

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