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Training Business

Jul 30, 2020

Organisations invest thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of dollars, pounds, euros annually on training interventions.

Time and time again I’ve seen organisations invest in the wrong things and for the wrong reasons.

Very often the people who commission training are not the people who understand the training or benefit from training. 

We both know that Training often is incorrectly assumed to be the fix for a range of structural and behavioural problems. 

As training providers, we want to be sure that what we are delivering is not just a product, but a solution. 

What we should be doing more of is helping our clients to clarify what they really need help with right now.

We’re not talking about post - training evaluation. We’re focusing on the kinds of surveys we don’t do enough of - pre-training surveys.

Thankfully there are lots of tools which can help you to conduct employee surveys.

Today I’m going to outline how employee surveys can help your training business and your client, and how to do them!

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