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Apr 8, 2021

As a facilitator or learning designer, your stories connect you and your subject to your audience. They are about you but not for you according to today’s guest, Hadiya Nuriddin.


Hadiya is a storytelling expert and speaks at national conferences on learning and development topics, specifically storytelling for facilitators and quality control & assurance for learning teams.


She is the author of StoryTraining: Selecting and Shaping Stories that Connect, published by ATD. Hadiya has so much to share with you to help you use the power of storytelling in your next trainings.


In today’s episode:


How to build a story ‘spine’ that works

What do do to create a storytelling environment  

Why ‘meaning’ really matters in storytelling

How to get better at getting stories from people

Why stories create headlights not spotlights

What to do to generate a better response in facilitation

How to help people tell their own stories


Check out the episode now! (Link in comments)


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