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Training Business

Jan 6, 2022

Today, I’m joined by Robert Cserti, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Session Lab.


Thousands of trainers use Session Lab’s Session Planner to quickly design their training session, and automatically update timings. 


You can print off documents to share with clients, attach evaluation forms, presentations etc.


What I like most is that you can access a library of activities and drag them into your session and modify them.


You can reuse elements from previous sessions and lots more.


Today, we’re going to look at Session Lab today from the user’s perspective.


Not the technical stuff but the practical features and why you might want to use with your clients...


It was a fellow trainer, Murray Cowell who put me on to Session Lab. Thanks Murray!


In today’s episode:


What is SessionLab?

How many users / subscribers are there?

Which are the top features that users like?

How does the SessionLab Session Planner work?

What are the 800 or so resources in the library?

Which new features are on the way?

Check out the episode now!