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Training Business

Sep 9, 2021

Jodie Salt has just written a business book that is attracting followers into her sales funnel. ‘Woman Up’ that has gone to the top of the Amazon charts in 11 categories! 


Jodie began as a Learning & Development consultant working with brands such as Sky and British Gas and still works as an associate trainer on projects she loves. 


She now co-owns Ladies Life Lounge and has developed a range of revenue streams from masterclasses, online learning products and retreats in exotic locations. 


In today’s episode:


How Jodie got into training & development

What she learned from working as an associate trainer

How she is growing multiple revenue streams 

How she is using her book to attract high-paying clients

What she plans to do to attract corporate clients

What Jodie does to market her brand successfully

How she developed a membership subscription model


Check out the episode now!