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Training Business

Dec 17, 2020

Facebook is everywhere. You more than likely have a FB account.


Whether on desktop or mobile, Facebook has ads in your feed.


That’s how they make money from people like you and me.


What’s it like to be someone who creates those ads?

What kinds of ads work on Facebook?

What makes a good ad and how to you go about creating one that gets consultancy work to your door?


I’ve tried running them before myself - you can do that - OR you can hire an expert.


I work with an expert in Google Ads but I put my hand up when I tell you that I am not clued up on Facebook ads.


Luckily, I know a guy who does. His name is Luke Smith of and Luke is my guest today.


In the next 35 mins, We’re going to give you the foundations of running FB ads for your business. . 


Check out the episode now!


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