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Training Business

Mar 4, 2021

Do you every draw when facilitating OR maybe you get your delegates to draw ?


How are your artistic skills?  


My drawing skills are not the greatest but that’s no excuse not to draw.


As qualified facilitators, we know that adults need visual information to learn.


infographics, charts, mindmaps, sticky notes, wordclouds: these are all visual tools. 


You can use them to bring your training to life.


But what about livescribing and richdrawing?


I had never heard of them until I spoke with today’s podcast guest, Hannah Williams.


Hannah works with clients to capture their spoken ideas and transform them into pictures.


She helps facilitators and consultants to offer a visual service to their workshops.


Unique, bespoke story graphs of customer journeys, strategic plans, the sky is the limit. 


In today’s episode:


What is the value to you and your clients of offering powerful livescribing? 

Why should you as a facilitator create visual information?

How more than ever, remote facilitation needs images and pictures


Check out the episode now!


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