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Training Business

May 25, 2023

When building your coaching workshops how can you ensure they are going to really engage the audience? 🤨

How do you know if your audience are going to be WOWED or sit there in stony silence with stifled yawns?

My guest this week, Rachel Davis, is the Founder and a Workshop Creator + Facilitator at Your True Tribes.

Rachel is a workshop experience designer and facilitator with over 18 years' experience across design thinking, brand and creative strategy, workshop creation, and facilitation.

She loves to bring joy and energy to workshops and helps businesses and individuals to figure out how to infuse creativity in workshop sessions and hone their facilitation skills. ☺️



In this week’s episode you’ll learn the following, and more:


🥳 How to inject fun and excitement into workshops

️🥳 The difference between outcomes and deliverables

️🥳 Which tools to use to create great workshops


➡️ Fun coaching workshops equal more engagement!

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