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Training Business

Jun 18, 2020

The Coaching Habit is a book I read recently. I have read it several times. It’s not a complex book - which is good news when you want a book intended to help practicioners.

It is a simple book. It is a powerful book. It gives you an understanding of how you can use coaching questions to get more from yourself and your team. For that reason, it has gone down a storm with companies who want their managers to adopt a coaching style of leadership.

But….more importantly is the story of the man behind the book and the man behind the training business 

Today’s guest is Michael Bungay Stanier who started Box of Crayons his training business completely on his own in Ontario in 2002 and has since built it to an international success story

He has a team of facilitators running his programs worldwide on his behalf for clients like CitiBank, HBO, Nestlé, Yahoo, American Express.

So how did he do it? That’s what today is all about. 

Check out the episode now!