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Training Business

Jun 2, 2022

You have an idea for a program or a workshop so you do what many of us do.


You bury yourself in your office and work on producing the finished product


The whole thing: slides, handouts, modules, exercises, the lot!


You’re not the only one who does this.


Many training providers are convinced they know what paying customers need.


They invest thousands of dollars / pounds / euros in creating before they have confirmation of market demand.


This approach may work but there are times when it does not work!


By the time that your ‘finished’ training program is ready,


You may realise that there is no demand

Your customer may have changed their mind

Market requirements may have changed


But you can avoid these headaches when you presell your training.


Pre-selling means producing something that isn’t complete or fully designed.


You have what’s called a minimum viable product.  You have a first module or an outline. Nothing more.


But that is often enough to confirm interest and to provide valuable feedback before you invest any time and money in creating the whole thing,


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