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Training Business

Mar 17, 2022

I was involved in delivering a substantial training program together with another training provider recently.


Approximately 122 people to train.


Three training modules were to be delivered remotely to groups of 9-10.


It looked straightforward on the surface. The client was happy with the content.


But problems began when two things happened.


1. The client didn’t take our advice on positioning the training program internally


2. They questioned the order of the training modules


The results? People complained that they had no idea why they were on the program.


Secondly, the flow of learning didn’t make sense.


Against our better judgement, we agreed to their changes to our recommendations.


In the end, the client took our advice but some damage has been done. Feedback was disappointing.


What’s the lesson here?


It’s really important that you don’t just show confidence in your training - but in the process in which your product is delivered.


In today’s episode:


Why your training process matters

What to do stand your ground professionally

How having the confidence to push back matters


Check it out now!