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Training Business

Aug 12, 2021

It’s August, it’s a quiet month for many training professionals. Maybe you’re on holiday or it feel like a holiday or even just a quiet time.


People are away and there isn’t much facilitation or coaching or training going on. Is that true for you right now? If it is true, what are you doing with your time?


What I and a lot of professionals do is we look at our forecast, or we start to build one.


We look at the projects, the contracts, the engagements, the bookings that are going to take us right through to summer next year.


We consider the projected revenue, where it’s going to come from and when it’s going to come to us. 


Forecasting means having confidence in your version of the future and being able to stand over it.


If you’re engaged in activities which have a direct effect on future revenue streams and you are accountable for delivering on those things, then forecasting is in your remit one way or another especially if you’re running your own business.


In today’s episode:


What is a forecast?

What stops people from forecasting?

How to create a simple forecast model

Some key questions to ask yourself


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