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Training Business

Sep 2, 2021

Right now many organizations are or should be aware of the harm that can be done when they fall far short of acceptable standards in areas such as equality, diversity and inclusion. 


Today’s guests Trier-Lynn Bryant and Kim Scott of Just Work have built a business around calling organizations out on this - or ‘calling them in’ on this as Kim likes to say.


Kim wrote the book called Just Work: Get Sh*t done fast and fair. She then invited Trier to be the Co-Founder and CEO of this new company.


Just Work LLC helps clients to create and sustain equitable, fair and just workplaces. Kim and Trier give keynotes and run workshops on these themes.


In today’s episode:


Which experiences inspired Kim to write the book

How Just Work gets the message out into the marketplace

Which kinds of organizations need help with bias 

How the Just Work framework was developed

Which challenges Trier and Kim address and solve


Listen now! (Link in comments)