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Training Business

May 13, 2021

I’ve no crystal ball.


Nobody does but that shouldn’t stop us asking which learning trends will be hot in the workplace of the near future


Learning Analytics?

Learning Platforms?

Augmented Reality?

Virtual Reality?

Social Learning?


More importantly for you, we should be asking ourselves how these L&D trends will impact your talent-development business and those of your clients


Today’s guest is Don Taylor, Chair of the Learning Technologies Conference, Chair of the Learning & Skills Group and Chair of the board of the Learning & Performance Institute.


Don is going to share critical results from his annual GSS Global Sentiment Survey which goes our every year to 000’s of Learning & Development stakeholders to help paint a picture of what the talent development community - people like your clients - think are the hot trends in the near future. 


In today’s episode:


Which are the key findings from the GSS Global Sentiment Survey 2021 


What do they mean for the future of workplace learning?


How do they affect you and your clients business?


Listen now! Link in the comments!