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Training Business

Oct 6, 2022

Being a self-employed business owner can be scary, even to the most seasoned entrepreneurs.

In this week’s episode, Dean Karrel, Career Development Advisor and Sales Trainer, tells you his story of how he felt the fear and did it anyway to become a successful self-employed business owner.

He also shares with you the invaluable lessons he learned along the way so that you can learn from them too.

Dean’s career began as a sales manager for a large global publisher.

After deciding he wanted a change he left the publishing industry and went back to school to study coaching and leadership development.

He is now a successful author, LinkedIn Learning instructor and established trainer at The Skyridge Group.

Today Dean is going to tell you what he has learned as a self-employed business owner and his biggest learnings for success.

You will learn

  • Why it’s so important to develop your networking skills
  • How to figure out your audience 
  • Ways to develop your emotional intelligence

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