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Training Business

Jun 3, 2021

If you’re running a business these days, you need to have a web presence.


You need some kind of home page or landing page where people can find you and find out about you.


More importantly, they want to learn how you can help them and how you haved helped people like them.


If you are a consultant, a trainer, a coach, a facilitator you need a digital space where people can find reasons to connect with you and contact you. 


Many people make the mistake of deciding what they want from their website rather than what their prospect needs.


In fact, you don’t want a website. You want a system that attracts people to engage with you so you can convert them to paying customers


In today’s episode:


What the difference is between a web page and a landing page

How to to convert visitors into prospects

What you need on the front end and on the back end of your site

Which kinds of software can capture visitors details

What lead magnets are and how to use them to attract clients

What the difference is between organic and paid traffic