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Aug 11, 2022

Today, I’m talking to Todd Dewett, PHD in Houston, Texas. about how to use authenticity to build productive relationships.


Dr. Todd Dewett is a best-selling leadership author, educator, and speaker. He is a widely recognized expert on authenticity, leadership, relationships, and success. He speaks, writes, and has created an educational library of courses enjoyed by millions of professionals in nearly every country in the world.


Todd’s story begins when he started getting honest and real with himself. He realised that relationships, when they are optimised, are really useful and fulfilling. He was intrigued by this and yet, that wasn’t as common as Todd believed it should be. Todd wondered where he fit and it became clear to him that a PhD made a lot of sense to him so he let go of a big prestigious job and went to get a Phd in organisational behaviour.


Todd didn’t even know that when he finished there would be people out there wanting to speak about organisational behaviour. It wasn’t until during the PhD teaching students, starting to speak and consult that he noticed that people were interested in the topics he was learning about.


Today Todd will be talking to me about three tips, taken from his course:


Establish two-way authenticity

Model it, don’t ask for it

Use your mistakes


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Build Productive Relationship


“What I mean by two-way, I only discovered this 10 years ago, people often hear me talking about it and they feel that I’m only talking about them learning to be a little bit more complete, and that's not true, the goal is more rapport and positive productive relationships which means it’s not just about you. If you care about authenticity it really is about the others with whom you interact regularly with as well.”


“The truth is saying something you need someone to do as an authority at work has got only one level of utility, showing them through your own behaviour is far more impactful. We’re much better at vicarious learning. Go show them how to get it done.”



Take-aways you don’t want to miss


When Todd blew it and how he overcame it

How Todd has grown his business

Todd’s biggest screw-up

What ‘Show your Ink’ means

How to really be authentic

Using modelling to get more impact

Why kindness is important in work

Making your mistakes useful



Some resources for you

(A few useful resources from the podcast, guest or that relate to the topic) Todd’s online ‘home’ Todd’s LinkedIn information


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