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Training Business

Apr 6, 2023

When coaching do you take into the consideration the cognitive diversity of diverse staffing levels?

How do you include people who may have different thoughts and learning processes to yourself?

My guest this week is Ann Herrmann Nehdi Chair of the Board and Chief Thought Leader at Herrmann.

Ann is passionate about helping thinkers, teams and organizations get better results and performance through better thinking and learning.

As an author, thought leader, keynoter and researcher, her work is specialized on the practical application of neuroscience, learning and ongoing research using her company’s HBDI database of 3 million thinkers from around the globe.

In this week’s episode you’ll learn the following and more:


  • What the whole brain approach means and how to apply it
  • The importance of cognitive diversity in the workforce
  • How and why you need to apply neuroscience to leadership


 What more could your coaching bring when you consider cognitive diversity?

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