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Training Business

May 21, 2020

How are you doing this week? There are signs that restrictions have been lifted here. Shops are opening and some businesses are reopening although it's going to be to a very different world.

Some of the trainers I have been speaking to I doing okay, some are doing well and some are not doing so well.

Many trainers have no idea where money is going to come in the summer months because the summer months are sometimes dry months and they're dreading September particularly if there are no on-site training programs.

Everyone is scrambling to produce programs and deliver programs online, but as I explained last week or the week before, I think that many programs are not transferable to an online environment. 

We may have to deliver training online for the forseeable future. That is one challenge in itself. 

But, we need to learn how to sell our training online as well. That is going to be a massive challenge for some and a massive opportunity for others.

Are you ready for the future of selling your training programs online? 

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