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Training Business

Jun 25, 2020

I have always had this fantasy - ok it’s more than a fantasy - to start my own conference - you know to have dozens, a hundred or even hundreds of people who are at my conference and have paid to be there.

I have been a speaker at several conferences and I am certainly interested in being a speaker at more conferences.

What about you? Is this something you would like? Is it a goal? An ambition? What would that do for your business? 

What about making you money? Very few of the conferences I have attended are started on the basis of making the organiser some money. If they do, it’s a nice bonus. As long as they cover costs, that’s the main financial consideration.

But here’s what starting your own conference network will do:

  1. At the very least it’s going to raise your profile
  2. It’s going to change how other people see you
  3. It’s going to allow you to connect with amazing people 

Today’s guest Yota Trom is going to share with you how she came to start her own network step-by-step, the success she has seen to date and where’s she’s taking it next. Big plans!

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