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Training Business

Jun 4, 2020

Leadership training with horses, seriously? Just when you think you have heard everything there is to know about the training business, you realise that there are people selling training programs and learning experiences in environments and in ways that you had not realised were possible.

I had never thought of leadership as something which can be delivered through interaction with animals. For many people, animals tend to invoke irrational fear. Yet for others, working with these gentle, silent beings brings out feelings and confidence that does not emerge readily from working with humans alone. 

I know of two training businesses that deliver leadership training through having their paid clients working with horses and it's my pleasure to have a guest on today's episode who is going to explain to you how she came to build a training business around leadership training with horses.

And because Jude is also a published author, you’re also going to learn how writing a book has attrracted new clients and increased her revenue dramatically.

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