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Training Business

Dec 9, 2021

Olivia Schofield runs her own speaking skills business in Berlin from where she helps client with presentation skills and professional communication coaching.


As a keynote speaker and communication consultant, Olivia works with corporate clients like Gore-Tex, Hoffman La Roche and Amex.


In 2011, Olivia got to the finals of the Toastmaster World Championship. She became the first woman and the first person from Europe to get that far!


Today, Olivia still works with corporate training clients and she also runs an inspirational annual two-day speaking bootcamp called Spectacular Speaking!


In today’s episode:


How Olivia’s BBC background helped her coaching business

What Olivia did to become a Toastmasters World Finalist

Which kind of work she does for corporate training clients

How 4 trainers cooperate to share leads and ideas

What participants learn at Spectacular Speaking


Check it out now!