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Training Business

Jun 17, 2021

Last week’s guest was Peter Brown, author of the groundbreaking book on Knowledge Retention: ‘Make it Stick’.


Why does that matter? Because we are revisiting the same subject this week. Helping your clients not just to acquire knowledge but to retain it. 


This week speaking with Lawrence Schwartz, CEO of Trivie and that’s an interesting story because Lawrence and his team launched a game on the app store which was downloaded millions of times. 


Those early lessons laid the foundation for creating Trivie which helps some of the world’s top brands including Unilever, Anheuser-Busch and Subway to retain information longer through personalization of learning, gamification and retrieval practice


In today’s episode:


Why are organizations ‘flying blind’ right now with regards to L&D?

How do organizations make learning more engaging?

What is the science behind Practice Personalization and Predictability

Is there a danger adults will begin to resent repetition as an interruption?

What the impact of AI-driven learning will be on classroom-based learning


Check the episode out now!