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Apr 1, 2021

Have you ever asked your audience how they rate your ability to listen to them?


Are you conscious of your ability to listen critically? It’s tempting to do all the speaking as a trainer or facilitator, isn’t it?


Often the best feedback I am given is not based upon something that’s come out of my mouth. It’s because I’ve created an environment where people feel that they can be heard and understood. 


If you want to get people to listen to you, you have to start by listening to them.


Today’s guest is Julian Treasure, 5 times TED speaker, and he’s going to give you some key tips to speak so people want to listen to you.


In today’s episode


How you can learn critical listening

7 deadly sins of speaking

4 foundations of powerful speaking 

The importance of sound in your workshops and trainings

How sound can help your business productivity

Why you should care about HAIL and RASA

How you can get money off Julian’s course 


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