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Training Business

Aug 18, 2022

Do you offer resilience training to your consulting clients? How do you integrate resilience into your work and operations as a training business to be more productive?

In this episode, Allison Jarrett speaks to me about how you can:

Improve your resilience

Make your business more productive

And how a collective can help you thrive

Allison has been a resilience coach since 2012 after retiring from the US Air Force.

Allison was always impressed by how the Air Force’s resilience training programme helped Force members develop their personal strength and growth.

In this episode, Allison shares her knowledge from her years in the Force and from running her own business.

She'll give you the tools to improve your resilience so you can be more productive for your clients:


  • Finding your collective
  • Why you fail to be productive
  • How you can scale up your productivity
  • Why you should seek out support
  • The power of your tribe
  • How you can be more resilient


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