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Training Business

Dec 2, 2021

David Brownlee is a key-note speaker, customer service training expert and best-selling author of ‘Rockstar Service | Rockstar Profits’.


David’s training company has worked with businesses such as Harley Davidson, Google, Walmart, T-Mobile and Amazon and his goal is to help 100M people. 


With one YouTube video alone, David had big brands knocking on his door, wanting to work with him.


In today’s episode


Which personal incident convinced David Brownlee to help people

How David’s experience as a small business owner helped his training

Which companies turn to David for customer service training

What David has learned from creating his online courses

How David’s book has generated leads for his brand

What David learned from being a Tony Robbins coach

What 50 | 50 | 50 means to David and why it matters


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