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Training Business

Jul 29, 2021

In this week’s episode, I’m chatting with Training Manager and passionate Learning & Development advocate Cara North who tells us how she is ‘owning’ her L&D career trajectory.


Like many training professionals, Cara has taken an interesting path to get to where she is today. She worked as a full-time Senior Instructional Designer, then as a Learning & Development Consultant.


Cara’s L&D path is very clear. She has her sights set firmly on becoming a CLO -Chief Learning Officer.


Listen in as Cara tells you what she’s doing to get there with the help of the right mentors! 


In today’s episode:


Where Cara started from in training 

How she doubled her L&D followers on LinkedIn

How she chose her CLO mentors to help her

Why Cara is writing a book with the ATD

What prompted Cara to write her PhD in Learning

What she is doing to become a Chief Learning Officer


Check it out now!