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Training Business

Aug 19, 2021

When did you last have a burger or a shake or fries. Chances are that many of you will think of one brand in particular! This week’s guest was Chief Learning Officer at McDonalds Corporation until October 2020. 


Over many years, Rob Lauber worked his up the corporate ladder from L&D Manager and Director of Learning Services to Chief Learning Officer of one of the world’s most iconic brands


These days, Rob now runs XLO Global, an advisory service which helps startups position their offer to decision-makers in the coropoate L&D Space. Is that something that could help you?


In fact, Rob is an advisor to no less than 5 talent-development / learning & developent centrix startups right now


In today’s episode:


What was Rob’s journey to CLO of McDonalds?

What were some of the challenges he faced?

Why has become a L&D Consultant?

How Rob gets clients in front of L&D decision-makers