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Training Business

Dec 16, 2021

Many of us have grown up playing with Lego®, but did you realize that it can be used by trainers and facilitators like you to help your client to think creatively?


The Lego Group developed Lego® Serious Play® as a facilitation methodology in the late 1990s and made it ‘open-source’ in 2010. 


Interestingly, many people in Learning & Development aren’t aware that we can use Lego® in our training and workshops. 


Michael Fearne is today’s guest on the TrainingBusiness podcast. He’s going to explain why Lego® Serious Play® is still not widely known in the talent development community.


Michael has loads to tell you about his business and how he helps his clients in a range of industries in online workshops and face to face facilitation programs. 


In today’s episode:


What is Lego Serious Play?  

Which organizations use Lego Serious Play 

How can you get certified in Lego Serious Play 

Which Lego Serious Play resources are available for free

What’s the LSP method and the LSP community

What’s in Michael Fearne’s book and how you can get it