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Training Business

Oct 7, 2021

Today’s guest Dave Birss has written several books on creativity and generating ideas. He works with clients such as Facebook, BBC and Hilton Hotel to help managers get better ideas from teams.


But it’s one of Dave’s LinkedIn Learning courses that has really caught people’s attention. It’s called How to Create and Run a brilliant Remote Workshop and has 72,495 learners. 


Dave has just released a new online training program called virtual presenting academy to help presenters like you and me to master presentation planning, creating presentation assets and of course managing presentation technology.


Dave is a poet, stand-up comedian, session-musician, radio-show presenter and much more.


But he describes himself as a virtual speaker who trains other virtual speakers and that’s why we have him here today on the show. To help you! 


In today’s episode:


Where Dave helps his corporate training clients

Which research Dave conducts to build workshops

What you need to create amazing presentations

How you can keep people engaged and focused

How collaborative documents will help your clients

How Dave is planning and designing his new course


Listen now!