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Training Business

Oct 13, 2022

To have successful conversation starters you need three ingredients.

In this week’s episode, TJ Guttormsen will share with you how you can communicate more confidently and the amazing results you can achieve from doing so.

Want to know about TJ’s secret ingredients to successful conversations, and more? Listen to today’s episode to find out.

TJ Guttormsen is an established communication coach and public speaker. More than 100,000 people from 150 countries have participated in his coaching and his series of online courses on Udemy  have all been awarded “highest rated”.

Today TJ is going to give you the knowledge and tips he shares with his own clients so you can make effective conversation starters that will help you to attain successful business relationships.


You will learn:

The three ingredients for successful conversations

How you can get more results from conversations

Why building your rapport, tension and escalation is key