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Training Business

Jan 20, 2022

Sharon Boller is the author of three books including Design Thinking for Training and Development: Creating Learning Journeys that Get Results co-authored with Laura Fletcher.


Sharon also built Bottom Line Performance from one person to 33 employees and $4 Million in sales before selling it to TiER1


As Sharon admits, her training company would not have grown without a focus on the kind of stuff that training and development practitioners often overlook.


Things like:


Negotiating terms of a contract

Devising pricing strategy

Recruiting associates, assistants, vendors 

Managing accounting, marketing, systems, standard operating procedures


There are two parts to today’s episode:


What Design Thinking is

How Design Thinking gets results

Why a clear vision helped Sharon grow BLP

Where L&D practitioners need to focus to build a business

Which skillsets are needed to scale and grow


Check out the episode now!