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Training Business

Oct 21, 2021

Garry Gormley spent 17 years in Contact Centre Operations Management before he started up his customer experience training and consulting business in February 2019.


He took his knowledge about customer journey mapping, process improvement and contact centre employee engagement, and created a customer service excellence framework.


Using this consulting framework or what he calls his ‘FAB Proposition’, Garry helps his clients to run an efficient contact centre in 4 key areas: People, Process, Technology and Leadership.


This framework is the basis for Garry’s workshops, coaching, playbooks, diagnostics. By using this model, Garry is able to show contact centre consulting clients where and how he add value.


So what’s your model or framework?

Do you have one?

Do you think you need one?

Have you given any thought to how you can create your own consulting framework? 


In today’s episode:


How Garry developed his FAB proposition

What he does to attract high-paying clients

Where contact centres need his support

How Garry brings in associates under his brand

How he believes his framework has helped win business


Listen now!