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Training Business

Apr 27, 2023

If you don’t communicate effectively then your leads aren’t going to convert to clients and you won’t win business contracts.

So how can you ensure you are communicating your message as clearly as possible?

My guest this week, Jessica Chen, is the CEO of Soulcast Media. Her company provides leadership communication workshops to elevate people's speaking, improve productivity, collaboration and teach people how to communicate effectivley.

Jessica is an Emmy Award winner, highly requested keynote speaker and has been featured in Forbes, Fortune, Entrepreneur and Market Watch.


In this week’s episode you’ll learn the following, and more:


How to find your true voice

Ways to get work with big corporates using content

Why quizzes can get people into your sales funnel


With the right marketing in place and the knowledge on how to communicate effectively you will see more conversions and growth than you ever have before!

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