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Training Business

Mar 18, 2021

As trainers, coaches and facilitators, we do what we love to do!

I have always thought of training as a privilege. Do you agree?

You help people to be the best that they can be and you do this through your programs and workshops. 

But you don’t do it purely because you love it.

You train and coach because it makes you money. It’s your business, right?

Your business pays the bills and helps create the lifestyle you aspire to. 

But will you do it forever? When will you take a sabbatical? When will you exit? 

Many of us as trainers aren’t looking to the horizon.

Instead, we are knee-deep in day-to-day delivery and design.

So, let me ask you a hard question right now…

Could your business survive without your for a day or a week (or even a year)?

For many trainers and facilitators, the honest answer is ‘no’.

If you are however interested in learning how to building a business you can sell on, you need to listen to today’s guest best-selling author and business-selling expert @johnwarrillow.


In today’s episode


  • What the freedom point for you is 
  • Why you need to start thinking about your exit now
  • Why generating recurring subscription revenue is key  
  • What a buyer will look for when buying your business
  • The mindset you need to create a business others want
  • Some examples of training companies that sold for millions


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