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Training Business

Aug 13, 2020

Have you noticed how Zoom has dominated training delivery this year?

We are in the middle of a 'Zoom Boom' with organisations adopting Zoom as the preferred platform for running training, coaching, mentoring: 1:1 sessions and group sessions.

I have run 4 group sessions already this week - all on Zoom. 19 sessions in total in August. That does not include dozens of coaching sessions.

How about you?

This 'Zoom Boom' is not going away any time soon. It could be the way that we are training for months or several years to come

Zoom can be fun but there are limitations to Zoom - let’s be honest. I’ve made mistakes and I have learned from taking part in some really good sessions

So today, I’m going to give you 7 tips on how to run a training session on Zoom.

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