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Training Business

Jan 28, 2021

Have you plans for your business this year?

Are they still in your head or have you written them down?

Have you a list of goals and a clear idea of how you are going to achieve them?

You need a system to decide your revenue goals, marketing goals, development goals and relationship goals. 

Annie Clarke of Annies Training Company in the UK has a system which she follows every year.

She launched her training business 6 years ago and has seen it grow 

Annie now has help from virtual assistants and a team of associates who deliver on her behalf. 



Which valuable lessons she learned in the first 6 years

Which method Annie uses to devise her goals

How Annie’s ‘WOOP’ and ‘POOP’ system helps

Which tasks she allocates to a VA to free her up

How Annie got into the training business

How Annie has managed to take every Friday off


Check out the episode now!

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