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Training Business

Mar 11, 2021

How is your remote training / facilitation going?

What are the guidelines or ‘rules’ to move it from standard training to really radical learning?

@Joshua Davies is today’s guest and he’s written a book on the subject called Radically Remote. 

The timing is perfect, now that we as facilitators are delivering workshops from behind laptops, desktops and web cams.

When your learners are meeting family, friends and holding meetings on Zoom, you know you have to be different.

We can’t deliver training and facilitation like we used to.

It’s time to rethink the quality of the learner experience and to stretch the paradigm.

It’s time to get radical!

In today’s episode


  • How to use technology to build authenticity
  • Where to have better breakout sessions
  • 5 ‘dont’s’ for a brilliant remote session
  • How to gameify your facilitation session 
  • What to do to creating learner ownership & momentum


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