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Training Business

Jun 10, 2021

Today’s guest is Peter Brown, co-author of a book that has really resonated with learning practitioners. Make it Stick was written with one purpose to mind: to find out how we can make learning easier and learnings durable.


Make it Stick draws on recent breakthroughs in cognitive psychology and explains how knowledge transferred in training is encoded, accessed and retrieved in the minds of learners. 


When you run training programs, you want to impart knowledge but also want that knowledge to be retained so learning gains don’t fade quickly. The science behind successful learning should interest every learning professional. 


In today’s episode:


What does the latest cognitive science tell us about learning?

How do we deliver learning so that it sticks and becomes durable?

How do we create opportunities for retrieval practice 

What does the science tell us about the most effective ways to practice retrieval?

How spaced-out or far apart should retrieval practice be?

How do we refresh learning as training 

How do we deal with the illusion of knowing?


Check it out now!