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Training Business

Jul 15, 2021

Last August I got a WhatsApp voice memo from another trainer.


Hey Mark. This is Tim. 


Give me a call. I’ve got a contact for you.


She’s looking for sales training and it’s right up your street. Cheers. 


As short as that. I called Tim back. One thing led to another. 


Actually, one call led to 8 different training courses and still counting. 


I am doing more work with the client in July, August and September. 


I didn’t have to advertise.

I didn’t have to market myself.

I didn’t have to spend any money.


We all want this kind of effortless revenue generation.


In sales terms, this is called a bluebird. Like an unusual bird, it lands in the hands.


It’s training work you can do.

It’s facilitation work you love to do

It’s consultancy work that’s right for you.


Thank you, Tim!


Today, how do you network for business from other trainers. 


In today’s episode:


Some coaching questions to help you network

Differences between referrals, references and recommendations

Internal versus external networks

What a lead-exchange is

What you can do to get training referrals from other trainers