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Training Business

May 6, 2021

Most small business owners don’t think of themselves as content producers but today’s guest Joe Pulizzi, author of the bestselling book Content Inc thinks that you should start thinking that way.


Strategy is about knowing what people need to read, hear and think so they want to work you and buy from you.


It doesn’t matter whether you are a coach, consultant or trainer. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you’re in.


You’re probably already including some kind of blog posts on social media content to people you want to attract clients. But is it the best stuff you have?


It probably isn’t and that’s a mistake. Joe says that you want to give away your best stuff. You do that by focusing on the content that solves costly problems.


Check out the rest of Joe’s advice so you can start creating posts and content that makes you stand out.  


In today’s episode:


What exactly is content marketing

Why consultants need to create a media brand

How do you write content that wins subscribers

What do great articles and posts look like

Why consistency really matters to your audience

What Joe means by your ‘content tilt’

Why should you give your best content away

How newsletters can help you attract clients