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Training Business

Aug 1, 2019

I was curious about what is it that makes the perfect pitch. Tina was curious about what makes for high performing, teams and organisations. When we (as EdoMidas) got together, there was a real synergy.

Everyone has an opinion about what it is that creates high-performing individuals and organisations. There is no shortage of information out there, according to today’s guest, David McDermott, Managing Director of EdoMidas.

Over the course of 35 years in the training business, David (together with Co-Directors Nicola and Tina) has built a rock-solid reputation among the who’s-who of the professional services industry.

Power your referrals

Banks, Investment Funds, Asset Managers, Insurance Giants call on David and his team of Business Psychologists and Consultants to help them in strategically vital areas such as negotiation skills, pitching skills.

Many training businesses would naturally covet such a reputation. (You would, wouldn’t you?)

But as David tells you, he tried many routes to market including hiring internal sales people. The one thing which worked …again and again and again….is the power of referral.

What that means for you as a training business owner is that you must ensure you find a way to systematically and ethically leverage your existing client work to get quality clients!

Listen back again

(After you listen to the episode with David today, check out Episode 4 with Andy Lopata where Andy tells you how to be referred and recommended)

I am fortunate in that I have worked (and continue to work) with David and his team as an external consultant on projects over the course of several years.

So, it is a huge privilege that I have someone who has been a really good friend to me on today’s episode as a guest.

EdoMidas has a great story, so listen now to the full episode to hear the rest!

Some takeaways for you today: 

  • What is it that makes the perfect business pitch?
  • How David and Tina had a Eureka! moment with the name EdoMidas
  • How David’s team comes up with training courses to bring to market
  • How EdoMidas settled on three core areas for training products
  • What David looks for when hiring external training consultants
  • Where he and his team is taking the EdoMidas brand next
  • Why evidence-based research legitimises your training material

Now listen to the rest of the episode to get the rest!

Some helpful resources for you: 

EdoMidas – David’s Training Business in Edinburgh, Scotland
LinkedIn – EdoMidas’s LinkedIn Business Page
Recommended – Andy Lopata’s book to help you get referred [Amazon]