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Training Business

Jul 18, 2019

What is NLP and how can the skillset help you in your coaching and training business? More importantly, how can you ensure it can make you money?

NLP is arguably a powerful skillset to have in your arsenal of competencies as a trainer.

Tim Robins – today’s guest – qualified in NLP and has found great success in using it to help himself. clients and friends over the years.

But, before you rush out and invest in any qualification like NLP, you need to run a cost-benefit analysis.

Run the numbers

Here on this show, we are primarily concerned with your success as a business owner and that means running a profitable and sustainable training business.

Any investment in skills for your or your people has to be done on the basis that you are going to generate a return on investment in a reasonable period of time.

Make sense?

To get to the NLP Trainer level, you are probably going to have to invest 15- 20K and at least three years. Many of the NLP Trainers I know say that it’s a constant battle to fill seats…” 

In Episode 17, we talked with Mark Houlihan who was considering investing in a psychometric evaluation qualification to sell to clients.

Turns out he had lots of options and ways to save money.

We guided him on the kinds of questions to ask himself in order to clarify whether he could make his money back and on whether It was the right thing to do given his financial situation.

There is no rush. So take your time, conduct your research and examine the numbers.

Hire coachable people

Do you have plans to hire or have you already grown a team around you? What have you learned?

Tim has plans to grow his business now that he is at full stretch.

“I would like to have a team of 10 high-quality trainers whom I have personally invested in so I can cater for bigger numbers because that brings out the coach in me…”

Lots of trainers grow their business to a point where they – sometimes unexpectedly – have to find ‘associate trainers’ in order to meet business demand.

Has that already happened to you or is it something which you hope to have to do someday?

In a future episode, we’ll dedicate an entire show to helping you to find your first hires, specifically other trainers who won’t let you down.

Tim believes that the best associates for his training business, are those who possess charisma, are passionate, are incredibly good at what they do (yet) are humble enough to listen to others.

The key point is that your hires have to be good but they need to be coachable and willing to learn your way so they can represent your brand.

Since they’ll be taking the lead from you….Ask yourself:  “Am I coachable?”

Biggest takeaways for you today: 

  • What Tim is looking for in new associate trainers for his team
  • Which lesson Tim learned by moving countries with his business
  • How Tim came up with his great brand name and logo
  • What you need to get the confidence to be great on video
  • How to get powerful referrals to new clients for your business
  • Why Tim thinks there is a business in working with schools

Some helpful resources: 

Inner Leader – Tim Robin’s training business website
James Wedmore – Video coach and online business ‘guru’
Pre-Suasion – Dr. Robert Cialdini’s book on leveraging others
Recommended – Tony’s Lopata’s book on getting referrals