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Training Business

Jul 11, 2019

You set goals at the beginning of the year, right? Before Jan 31, you made new year's resolutions. How did you do? (Let's look get back on track)

Maybe you are on a well-deserved break as you read this or listen to the episode or maybe you are still working.

Either way, at the half-way point through this year, now is a good time to review your progress in light of the goals (committments) you made to yourself.

In episode 20, we suggested that there were 4 areas to concentrate on for this year. So let's use those again as a 'yard stick' to see how you measured up against them. Cool?

Review your journey

Ideally, you created goals under the following four headlines last December. Did you?

  • revenue goals
  • marketing goals
  • relationship goals
  • investment goals

So how far along are you towards their achievement?

Imagine that your training business is the vehicle to get you to where you want to end up at the end of this year.

So, now is a good time to 'pull over' to the side of the road and carry out a quick inspection of those four 'engine parts' (revenue, marketing, relationships and investment)

Are there any 'leaks'? Are there any problems you cannot see from your driver's seat? Are you happy with your journey so far?

Happy with some things, but no so elated with others?

(That's ok)

Restart the engine

The good news is that we are only half-way through the year, so it's not too late to get your 2019 business goals over the line.

Nonetheless, we don't want to get too relaxed. We all have work to do. Lots of work.

Maybe it's time to make some changes. That's a good idea.

But don't make the changes too radical until you are sure that you have a good reason to make them.

  • Take a day or so to digest your 6-month progress
  • Consult your team, a business coach or advisor
  • Tweak, amend, revitalise your goals and start again

Plan slowly, execute quickly ... then measure

And we'll be back to this topic again in 6 months to see how far you got. Fair enough?

Biggest takeaways for you today: 

  • Why you need to 'pull over' to take stock of your progress today
  • Why goal-setting will clarify what you need to do and by when
  • How you can reduce costs and increase profitability
  • Why you need to consider both online and offline marketing
  • Why investing in yourself amounts to investing in your business