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Training Business

May 23, 2019

Have you ever been asked to give a talk at an awards-ceremony or event? Have you ever approached any organisation to speak to their members? You should. Here's why....

>>>>Here is my check-list to accompany today's episode! <<<

There are lots of organizations in need of speakers. Thousands of companies have off-site company team-building days  to which they invite motivational speakers.

Business networks hold monthly or weekly events and are all the time in search of the kind of competent, knowledgeable, 'listenable' speakers who can help their members.

The goal is not to make money. Rather, the goal is to get you in front of new faces as often as possible and to spread the word that you exist, that you are great and that you are open for business!

Always be live

You might be the kind of person who is convinced that social media marketing or content-marketing is the way of the 21st century.

That is true. But it's not the only way.

No one ever intended Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook etc. to completely replaceconventional marketing. Rather, they exist to complimentconventional marketing.

Let's imagine that there are three levels of differentiation to your marketing. (Bear with me on this one).

Level-1 differentiation

This refers to your email posts and your blog. It describes all your tweets and comments. Just like everyone else's. No differentiation.

Hard to stand out in that snow-storm, isn't it?

Level-2 differentiation

This describes your video content or your audio content. It describes all the stuff on your YouTube channel or Vimeo channel if you have those.

This is much better. (There you are!) Hey! People can now see you, hear you, watch you. It can't be anyone else but you.

We now know what you look like and what you sound like. We want more! You look great!

Let's go up another level.

Level-3 differentiation

Now, this where you turn up in person. You are live! People can interact with you, they can ask you for your opinion. You can answer questions as only you can answer them. Well done!

"Now, your audience are thinking: 'Hey! She would be great as our resilience trainer. I need to talk to her after the event and get her details."

"Hey! I can see him doing a great job delivering leadership to our senior team. We need to download his ebook.."

Never give away

Have you ever been asked to give your audience a copy of your slides? Did you? Any regrets?

What your audience really want when they ask for your slides is this:

  1. They want something to refer to after your presentation
  2. They want reassurance that they won't forget anything
  3. They want to be able to look up that book or website which you mentioned

"But that does not mean that you should give them your precious slides - all your work..."

It's your intellectual property and once it's out there on the internet in its entirety, you can't control it. It's in the wild.

Instead, you can create a PDF 'Cliff's notes' or shortened version of your main points along with a list of useful resources, all of which is branded with your details and logo.

Next, work with a VA or coder to create a landing page using Unbounce, LeadPages, or Instapages and create a form so that people have to give you something for this.

People give you their email address and you give them what they really want. It's a fair deal.

I like to use (here is my check-list) to create ebooks etc.

Biggest takeaways you don’t want to miss: 

  • How you can prepare to give a talk that drives leads to you
  • Which technology can capture email addresses for you
  • Why investing in photographer and videographer pays off
  • How a VA can save you huge amounts of time and legwork
  • Why you need to productive your speaking engagement
  • How to legitimately follow up to arrange business meetings
  • What to do after your speaking engagement is over

Some resources to help you:

Download today's free PDF - Get your free checklist
Drip- Marketing Automation software
ClickFunnels- Marketing Automation software
Instapage- stand-alone lead-capturing pages
LeadPages- stand-alone lead-capturing pages
Unbounce- stand-alone lead-capturing pages
Science of Persuasion - Dr. Robert Cialdini's seminal work
Fiverr - Freelancing platform to help you with tasks
Upwork- Freelancing platform to help you with tasks
People Per Hour - Freelancing platform to help you with tasks